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Zetland, Nsw, 2017 Area Guide


Zetland is a suburb located in the inner-eastern part of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is situated approximately 4 kilometers south of the Sydney central business district (CBD). Zetland has undergone significant urban development in recent years, transforming from an industrial area to a vibrant residential and commercial hub. The suburb offers a mix of modern apartment complexes, townhouses, and some heritage-listed buildings.

Transport & Access:

Zetland benefits from excellent transport links, making it easily accessible for residents and visitors. The suburb is well-served by buses, with several routes connecting to the CBD and surrounding areas. Green Square railway station, located on the border of Zetland, provides convenient train services to various parts of Sydney. Additionally, Zetland is well-connected to major roads, including the Eastern Distributor, making it easily accessible by car.

Nearby Schools:

Zetland is home to several educational institutions, providing options for families with children. Some of the nearby schools include:

1. Green Square School: A public primary school located within the suburb.
2. Sydney Boys High School: A prestigious selective public school for boys, situated in the neighboring suburb of Moore Park.
3. Sydney Girls High School: A renowned selective public school for girls, also located in Moore Park.
4. Alexandria Park Community School: A public school offering education from kindergarten to year 12, situated in the adjacent suburb of Alexandria.

Things to Do:

Zetland offers a range of recreational activities and amenities for residents and visitors. Some popular attractions and things to do in and around Zetland include:

1. Joynton Park: A spacious park with playgrounds, BBQ facilities, and sports fields, providing a great space for outdoor activities.
2. East Village Shopping Centre: A modern retail complex offering a variety of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and entertainment options.
3. The Grounds of Alexandria: A nearby trendy café and restaurant precinct, known for its beautiful gardens, artisanal food, and specialty coffee.
4. Moore Park Golf Course: Located in the neighboring suburb, this golf course offers a challenging 18-hole course and picturesque surroundings.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Zetland is surrounded by several diverse and vibrant neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. Some nearby neighborhoods include:

1. Waterloo: Located to the north of Zetland, Waterloo is a mix of residential and commercial areas, known for its trendy cafes, restaurants, and proximity to the CBD.
2. Alexandria: Situated to the west of Zetland, Alexandria is a thriving suburb with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. It is known for its warehouse conversions, trendy eateries, and boutique shops.
3. Rosebery: Located to the south of Zetland, Rosebery is a rapidly developing suburb with a mix of residential and industrial areas. It offers a range of dining options, parks, and recreational facilities.

Overall, Zetland is a dynamic and well-connected suburb that offers a convenient lifestyle with its proximity to the CBD, excellent transport links, and a range of amenities and attractions.