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Singleton Dc, Nsw, 2330 Area Guide


Singleton is a town located in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia. It is situated in the local government area of Singleton Council and is approximately 197 kilometers north-west of Sydney. With a population of around 16,000 people, Singleton is known for its coal mining industry and is often referred to as the "Gateway to the Hunter Valley."

Transport & Access:

Singleton is well-connected in terms of transport and access. The town is located on the New England Highway, which provides easy road access to major cities like Sydney and Newcastle. Singleton also has a railway station, offering regular train services to Sydney and other regional areas. The nearest airport is Newcastle Airport, which is approximately 90 kilometers away.

Nearby Schools:

Singleton offers a range of educational facilities for residents. Some of the notable schools in the area include:

1. Singleton High School
2. Singleton Public School
3. St Catherine's Catholic College
4. Singleton Heights Public School
5. Singleton Christian College

These schools cater to students from primary to secondary levels, providing quality education options for families in the area.

Things to Do:

Singleton and its surrounding areas offer various recreational activities and attractions. Some popular things to do in and around Singleton include:

1. Visiting the Singleton Historical Museum: Learn about the town's rich history and heritage through exhibits and displays.
2. Exploring the Hunter Valley: Singleton is located in close proximity to the renowned Hunter Valley wine region, offering opportunities for wine tasting and vineyard tours.
3. Outdoor Activities: Enjoy outdoor activities like bushwalking, fishing, and camping in the nearby Wollemi National Park or Lake St Clair.
4. Singleton Sundial: Check out the unique sundial located in Singleton's town center, which serves as a landmark and a popular meeting point.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Singleton is surrounded by several smaller towns and suburbs. Some of the nearby neighborhoods include:

1. Branxton
2. Muswellbrook
3. Maitland
4. Cessnock
5. Scone

These areas offer additional amenities, services, and attractions, providing residents with a wider range of options for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Overall, Singleton is a vibrant town with a strong mining industry, offering a range of amenities, educational facilities, and recreational activities for its residents.