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St Georges Basin, Nsw, 2540 Area Guide


St Georges Basin is a suburb located in the Shoalhaven region of New South Wales, Australia. It is situated on the shores of St Georges Basin, a large saltwater lake. The suburb is known for its natural beauty, with stunning water views and a peaceful atmosphere. It is a popular destination for fishing, boating, and other water activities.

Transport & Access:

St Georges Basin is easily accessible by road, with the Princes Highway passing through the nearby town of Sanctuary Point. The suburb is approximately 200 kilometers south of Sydney, making it a convenient getaway for city dwellers. Public transport options are limited, with buses being the main mode of transportation in the area.

Nearby Schools:

There are several schools in the vicinity of St Georges Basin, providing education options for families in the area. Some of the notable schools include St Georges Basin Public School, Sanctuary Point Public School, and Vincentia High School.

Things to Do:

St Georges Basin offers a range of activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. The pristine waters of the basin are perfect for fishing, boating, kayaking, and swimming. There are also several picnic spots and parks along the shoreline, providing a great opportunity for relaxation and outdoor recreation. The nearby Jervis Bay National Park offers stunning bushwalking trails and beautiful beaches, including the famous Hyams Beach with its white sand.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

St Georges Basin is surrounded by several other suburbs that offer their own unique attractions. Sanctuary Point, located to the north, is a popular residential area with access to the basin and a variety of shops and amenities. Vincentia, located to the east, is known for its beautiful beaches and proximity to Jervis Bay. Huskisson, a coastal town to the southeast, is a popular tourist destination with its vibrant cafes, restaurants, and whale watching opportunities.

Overall, St Georges Basin is a picturesque suburb in the Shoalhaven region, offering a tranquil lifestyle and a range of outdoor activities. Its proximity to the stunning Jervis Bay and surrounding suburbs makes it an ideal location for those seeking a coastal retreat.