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Coffs Harbour, Nsw, 2450 Area Guide


Coffs Harbour is a coastal city located in New South Wales, Australia. It is situated on the Mid North Coast, approximately 540 kilometers north of Sydney and 390 kilometers south of Brisbane. With a population of around 75,000 people, Coffs Harbour is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse marine life.

Transport & Access:

Coffs Harbour is well-connected by various modes of transportation. The city has its own airport, Coffs Harbour Airport, which offers domestic flights to major cities in Australia. Additionally, Coffs Harbour is easily accessible by road via the Pacific Highway, making it convenient for travelers driving from Sydney or Brisbane. The city also has a train station, providing rail services to nearby towns and cities.

Nearby Schools:

Coffs Harbour offers a range of educational institutions for residents and visitors. Some notable schools in the area include:

1. Coffs Harbour Public School
2. Coffs Harbour High School
3. Bishop Druitt College
4. Orara High School
5. Southern Cross University (Coffs Harbour Campus)

These schools provide quality education from primary to tertiary levels, catering to the diverse needs of students.

Things to Do:

Coffs Harbour offers a plethora of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Some popular things to do in the area include:

1. Visit the iconic Big Banana, a famous tourist attraction featuring a large banana-shaped building with various family-friendly activities.
2. Explore the Solitary Islands Marine Park, a protected area known for its diverse marine life, offering opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and whale watching.
3. Take a scenic drive along the Waterfall Way, a picturesque route that passes through lush rainforests, waterfalls, and charming towns.
4. Relax on the pristine beaches of Coffs Harbour, such as Jetty Beach, Park Beach, and Diggers Beach.
5. Discover the beauty of the surrounding national parks, including Dorrigo National Park and Bindarri National Park, which offer hiking trails and breathtaking views.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Coffs Harbour is surrounded by several charming neighborhoods and towns, each with its own unique character. Some nearby neighborhoods include:

1. Sawtell: A coastal village known for its beautiful beaches, boutique shops, and vibrant café culture.
2. Woolgoolga: A small town with a rich multicultural heritage, famous for its Indian and Sikh community and stunning beaches.
3. Bellingen: A picturesque town located inland, known for its arts and crafts scene, vibrant markets, and scenic river.
4. Urunga: A coastal town situated at the mouth of the Bellinger and Kalang rivers, offering stunning river views and a relaxed atmosphere.

These nearby neighborhoods provide additional options for accommodation, dining, and exploring the region's natural beauty.