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Kardinya, Wa, 6163 Area Guide


Kardinya is a suburb located in the southern part of Perth, Western Australia. It is situated approximately 15 kilometers south of the Perth CBD and falls within the City of Melville local government area. Kardinya is a predominantly residential area with a mix of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. The suburb offers a peaceful and family-friendly environment with various amenities and facilities.

Transport & Access:

Kardinya is well-connected to the rest of Perth through several transportation options. The suburb is serviced by several bus routes, providing convenient access to nearby areas and the Perth CBD. The nearby Kwinana Freeway also offers easy access to the city and other parts of the metropolitan area. For those who prefer cycling or walking, there are also dedicated paths and trails in the area.

Nearby Schools:

Kardinya is home to several educational institutions, making it an ideal suburb for families with children. Some of the nearby schools include:

1. Kardinya Primary School
2. North Lake Senior Campus
3. Murdoch University
4. Kennedy Baptist College
5. Winthrop Primary School

These schools offer a range of educational programs and cater to students of different age groups.

Things to Do:

Kardinya and its surrounding areas offer a variety of recreational activities and attractions. Some popular things to do in and around Kardinya include:

1. Adventure World: Located nearby in Bibra Lake, Adventure World is a popular theme park offering thrilling rides, water slides, and entertainment for all ages.
2. Bibra Lake Reserve: This picturesque lake and surrounding parklands provide opportunities for picnics, walking trails, birdwatching, and water activities.
3. Melville Glades Golf Club: Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf at this nearby golf club, which features an 18-hole course and various facilities.
4. Fremantle: Just a short drive away, the vibrant port city of Fremantle offers a range of attractions, including historic sites, markets, cafes, and restaurants.
5. South Beach: Located in South Fremantle, South Beach is a popular spot for swimming, picnics, and enjoying the coastal scenery.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

Kardinya is surrounded by several other suburbs, each with its own unique characteristics. Some of the nearby neighborhoods include:

1. Murdoch: Located to the east of Kardinya, Murdoch is known for its proximity to Murdoch University and the Fiona Stanley Hospital.
2. Coolbellup: Situated to the south, Coolbellup offers a mix of residential areas, parks, and recreational facilities.
3. Winthrop: To the north of Kardinya, Winthrop is a leafy suburb known for its well-established residential areas and proximity to Murdoch University.
4. Bibra Lake: Located to the west, Bibra Lake is known for its natural beauty, with the lake and surrounding parklands providing opportunities for outdoor activities.

These nearby neighborhoods offer additional amenities, services, and attractions for residents of Kardinya to explore.