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Maryborough, Qld, 4650 Area Guide


Maryborough is a city located in the Fraser Coast Region of Queensland, Australia. It is situated on the Mary River, approximately 255 kilometers north of Brisbane. With a population of around 27,000 people, Maryborough is known for its rich history, heritage buildings, and charming streetscapes.

Transport & Access:

Maryborough is well-connected to other parts of Queensland. The city is accessible by road via the Bruce Highway, which connects it to Brisbane and other major cities. Maryborough also has a railway station, providing regular services to Brisbane and other regional areas. The nearest airport is the Hervey Bay Airport, located about 30 kilometers away.

Nearby Schools:

Maryborough offers a range of educational institutions for residents. Some of the notable schools in the area include:
1. Maryborough State High School
2. Aldridge State High School
3. St. Mary's College
4. Maryborough Central State School
5. Riverside Christian College

Things to Do:

1. Maryborough Heritage City: Explore the city's rich history by visiting the Maryborough Heritage City, which features beautifully preserved heritage buildings, museums, and historical sites.
2. Mary Poppins Statue: Pay a visit to the iconic Mary Poppins Statue, a tribute to the author P.L. Travers who was born in Maryborough.
3. Portside Heritage Gateway: Take a stroll along the Portside Heritage Gateway, a waterfront precinct that offers stunning views of the Mary River and showcases the city's maritime history.
4. Queens Park: Enjoy a picnic or leisurely walk in Queens Park, a beautiful green space with playgrounds, gardens, and a miniature steam train.
5. Maryborough Markets: Browse through the local markets held on weekends, offering a variety of fresh produce, crafts, and unique items.

Nearby Neighborhoods:

1. Tinana: Located just south of Maryborough, Tinana is a residential suburb known for its peaceful atmosphere and proximity to the Mary River.
2. Granville: Situated on the northern bank of the Mary River, Granville is a suburb that offers a mix of residential and industrial areas.
3. Aldershot: Located to the northwest of Maryborough, Aldershot is a small town known for its rural charm and historic buildings.
4. Tin Can Bay: Situated about 60 kilometers north of Maryborough, Tin Can Bay is a coastal town known for its fishing and boating opportunities.
5. Hervey Bay: Located about 30 kilometers northeast of Maryborough, Hervey Bay is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, whale watching, and access to Fraser Island.

Overall, Maryborough is a charming city with a rich history, offering a range of amenities, educational institutions, and recreational activities for residents and visitors alike.